We have bred our girl Solveig, ultrasound to confirm pregnancy the first week of October.  The next litter will be $3,500 - $4,000 per puppy depending on the litter size and our expenses.  If you have done your research on the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed and are interested in applying to be an approved puppy home, you must fill out an application. Our contact information is on the top of the application'. We will cross our fingers and hope this breeding is a success.

Updated 9/11/22

SOLVEIG WS64842701

BATMAN WS48687602

CH TreeNsea Batman's A Humdinger WS48687602


Batman WS48687602

CH Cordillera's Future Legend WS02127602

CH Evander V.D. Regenhalde WP94531401

CH Whispering Pine Annie Oakley WS09994301

CH Shadetree-R'Water's Shenandoah

Wildest Dream Come True WS22704303

CH Rippling Waters Justus THD WS07684702

Rippling Water's Garland

CH Polyanna's Sweet Gypsy Dream WS10926101

CH Polyanna's Gambler v Keno

CH Polyanna's Kristin

CH Arni von den Mandlwand WS16037701

Gordon-Karlsson vom Ahorneck

Dorli von der Gaissenalm

CH Whispering Pine Annie Oakley WS09994301

CH Derby's Such An Answer

CH Beowulf Whispering Pine Elka

CH TreeNsea's Sure Better for Alki WS18850101

CH Federal Hill Airborne Ranger WS01054206

CH TreeNsea's Darby O'Swisblis

CH Rina's Lovely Maxine v Derby

CH Apple Blossom's Lacey Wings WP98486501

CH Shadetree's Pretty Boy

CH Windrider's Apple Blossom